Visual Designer, Design System Expert & Figma community creator

Hi there, I'm Maxime!
My passion is all about crafting high-quality web experiences.

I'm a Figma community creator and design systems advocate, and I help companies to create engaging and cohesive digital experiences.

Current projects

House of Maestro

Comprehensive suite of high-quality design resources.

Official website


Design System Starter Kit based in Figma.

Official website

I speak

  • French
  • German
  • English

Areas of expertise

Figma Expert

Figma is my playground for digital creativity. I craft pixel-perfect user interfaces that translate ideas into visually compelling digital experiences.

Design Systems

Consistency and scalability in design. I specialize in developing and maintaining comprehensive design systems that ensure brand cohesion across all touchpoints.

Visual Identity

Visual identity is the face of your brand. I specialize in crafting unique and memorable brand aesthetics, from logos to color schemes, to create a lasting and appealing brand image.


Webflow is my canvas for crafting captivating and responsive websites. I transform design concepts into functional web experiences.

Recent Figma work

The basics of Typography

Learn the fundamentals of good typography and invite readers into your content.

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